13 September 2010


Well, finally a update, been really tired, busy and lazy this few months. Lots of things happened which i couldn't recall all but my collection is growing and some gone too . I'm currently working on a few breeding project right now and designing a new layout for my new website which will probably be done by the end of this year (Hopefully). This new website will include caresheet, gallery, for sale/trade, blog, contact etc page.

My Hottentotta Hottentotta just make it to 2nd generation with both surviving specimen giving birth. At the same time I'm waiting for my Centruroides margaritatus, Centruroides balsasensis, Centruroides vittatus, Hadogenes pauciden, Lychas scutilus, Lychas mucronatus and Rhophalurus junceus to pop. Once they pop and i have a stable stock of their offspring, all of this species will be up for sale soon ;)

Oh ya, my junceus from the previous mating pop-ed 5 babies, one was eaten by her and the other 4 are currently in 4i now

06 April 2010

Leopard Gecko breeding report

Bought a male High Yellow gecko from a friend few days ago and decided to breed him with my female gecko
I didn't research much on their genetic so i pick the same morph to avoid screwing up their morph/gene/whatever
Honestly, i don't think people will write a breeding report for them (At least i haven't seen one yet) but getting used to writing a breeding report, here's it lol

Temperature: 31C
Humidity: 80%
Duration: Approx 30min

I began by putting the male into the female enclosure and just wait and observe what happen
I waited for more than 15 min, but the male show no interest at all
The female on the other hand, stalked him and start licking his legs and tail but he just ran away from her
Getting bored, i decided to leave them at a corner and observe them from far while watching television
After 5min, the male started to vibrate his tail and approach the female with a bite on her tail
Frankly speaking i was quite worry as the bite looks really painful but the female remain calm until he move on to her neck
She got annoyed and tried to bite him back but fail, the male continue sticking his dingdong into her and the process end quickly after that
I can see when she ''came'' he closed his eyes just like human when they reach climax lol

Right after the process end they started to groom themself and i separated them, nothing much to write

Here's pictures

Love bite

Looks painful

I felt like i'm shooting porn pic

Licking his proud 18inches sausages

Rhopalurus Junceus breeding report

I got this Rhopalurus Junceus from the same friend who gave me his male mucronatus at the same night
It's suppose to be a female but when i tried to sex it when i got home i realize it is a male!
I was so happy because everyone have been looking for a male and i thought i will never find it anymore :(
All the waiting ends on that nightt when i finally got to breed her :D

Temperature: 32C
Humidity: 80%
Duration: Approx 20min

Same as the mucronatus earlier, i put the female in and left her for 5min before putting in the male
At 1st they both show no interest for each others and just running around and hiding below the bark i provided
I tried to guide the male to the female several times before he sense her pheromone and started juddering
The female was very receptive, perhaps she can't stand being virgin anymore lol
She just let him grab her and dance around peacefully without any tension
Nothing much happened there, process ended after 20min dancing around and as usual, they are stinging each others so i gotta separate them right after the mate

Male, started to grab her

Very cooperative

Finally manage to drag her on the bark piece

Female receiving sperm


Lychas Mucronatus brood update

Well they all died, on approx 2nd day after i separated them
The only reason i can think of is that i removed them too early from the mom (Before they even leave their mom's back)
I admit i'm a dick but i was too eager to count their numbers, i actually did the same to most of my scorpion brood
(Well, that might explain why i have so many weak hottentotta hottentotta brood back then)

Good things is this species are known to breed like rabbit and have very short gestation period
I acquired a male from a friend of mine after a few days to re-mate them
The male is quite small compare to my deceased one but he was so aggressive when they are mating lol
Here's the breeding report

Temperature: 31C
Humidity: 80%
Duration: Approx 25min

I started by putting the female in the breeding container and mist the container a lil bit since her container was quite dried
I left her there for 5min before putting in the male
Upon sensing the female's pheromone, the male started juddering like a dildo thirsting for pussy however the female doesn't looks very interested with him
She just keep drinking water droplet on the container wall and the male started to grab her by her tail, legs and body and forcing himself on her

This situation lasted for around 10min before the male manage to grab her chela
He then quickly gave her a jab to calm her down and they both begin dancing around for approx another 10min before dropping his spermatophore

Among all the species i have bred, they are the only one that ended the mating process peacefully without trying to kill each others
The male was so tired after the ''release'', he lie down with his chela and metasoma flat on the substrate lol

A part of those dead babies

Male forcing himself on her

Stinging mean loving

Look at his pervert eyes

Female receiving sperm

Defeated male

His proud manly stick

25 March 2010

New Leopard Gecko

I adopted a High Yellow Leopard Gecko from Billy 2days ago because he can no longer take care of her
She is the prettiest high yellow morph that i ever seen although she have lose her tail before, few years back due to a fight in a mating attempt but the tail grows back nicely (At least to me :p)
I was told she is a adult and should be around 4years old and can live up to 15years if being taken care well
I do hope i have the chance to breed her in the future although she is just a normal high yellow, but i love high yellow more than those designer morph

Some pictures to share as usual
An overall picture of her
Lick it lick it lick it
Scouting for handsome gecko
Face shot