31 July 2009

Animals Wonder, Insect Week at Jaya One, Palm Square

Last Saturday and Sunday, there is a exhibition in Jaya One, Palm Square
Though its the insect week, but the area was dominated by arachnid instead, the only insect i saw was the Jungle Nymph
Majority was Tarantulas and Scorpions
Well, not much educating on that day, most of the people just came and "Yer... So geli" and walked away although i tried to greet them and talk to them
More like a freak show, hopefully we can overcome the problem where we can encourage people to ask more question rather than just come and go in the next exhibition....

At least i have a lot of fun chatting with fellow hobbyist there and finally i met the guy with balls of steal, Ken aka freeloader
As usual, met a lot of people with different attitude, some like to show off, some curious, some was so paranoid and keep swearing at our inverts

Saw some handling of scorpion as well though i think it's a very bad habit (No offense)
People will get the wrong idea that scorpions are pets for u to handle when they saw it
A few of them came to me and asked why they can be handle when they are so dangerous
Personally i'm against handling of scorpion especially during exhibition, sorry to be frank but this is just what i think
I do occasionally handled my AFS at home once in a blue moon, gotta admit it's tempting but IMHO just keep it for yourself is good enough
Different scorpion have different personality, sometimes accident might happen where they sting/pinched the handler and if that happen it will only make the public who saw the incident get more bad impression bout scorpions

Overall it's a good experience in the exhibition, enjoy chatting with fellow hobbyist and thanks Darren for giving me 24 free jungle nymph eggs to incubate although they need more than a year to hatch :p


Bro Dennis educating the public

Look at the crowd =p

Curious exhibitor checking out the inverts

Bro Dennis teaching us how to sex a tarantula by exoskeleton method

Trying to make a hissing roach hiss

Learning how to DIY a aquarium cover

Images credit goes to tzuen


21 July 2009

Fucking bad month

In just 11days, i lost 6 of my invert!
1st Androctonus Australis, follow by Orang Baboon Tarantula, Tityus Stigmurus, Parabuthus Pallidus ,Isometrus Maculatus and finally my Rhysida Longipes centipede!
A.Australis died from bad molt, OBT tarantula from oversized mealworm, Tityus Stigmurus unknown but suspect to be dehydration, P.Pallidus suspect to be old age, Isometrus Maculatus perhaps dehyration too but its eating a pin head cricket the last night before it passed away zzzzzzz and Rhysida Longipes for the same reason
I have been busy recently with all the outings, convocation, interview and my job, that's why i tend to neglect them and forgot to check on them when i got home everyday
I'm not trying to find excuse for my irresponsible act but i just want everyone know what is going on
I ll put extra attension on my invert from today onward, i cant afford to lose anymore...

The only good news aside from the dead is my Rhopalurus Junceus molted to a female adult
Hopefully i can find her a male soon so i can have some babies from her to ease my sadness from the lost...

Sad pictures as always
Lets start with the deceased
Parabuthus Pallidus
Tityus Stigmurus
Isometrus Maculatus
Others either have been posted before or my camera's battery went dried before i manage to take their pictures

Now here're some good pictures
Molting to matured female R.Jucneus
Took my Spinifer baby, L for some photoshoot few days ago since its almost 1year since he was born
The trademark L shape tail
Finally my happy mom with me during convocation
Too bad dad is not here, but i know he is watching us

14 July 2009

Seperated Hottentotta Hottentotta Babies with a surprise

3days after the H.Hottentotta babies molted to 2nd instar finally they started to leave the mother
I separated them and found one dead on the mother's back
Total of 19babies+3dead, not bad, more than i have expected

Aside from that, i was surprised to find one of my suppose to be sub adult Liocheles Australasiae gave birth to 9babies! O_O
She is so small compare to an adult specimen that give me a brood last time
Just one day after that i found one molted to 2nd isntar with the rest follow up in the next 2days
Only 6survived as i only counted 6 of them in 2nd instar and they are now ready to be separate

Hottentotta babies in their individual container
Close Up

Pictures of the 2nd days after their molt

Accident do happen when transfering them
The last clingy baby
New miniature mother
Size compare with a adult L.Australasiae
2nd day
New addiction, Isometrus Maculatus 2nd instar, thanks to Lester

Madoka, getting ready to rest in freezer

10 July 2009

Hottentotta Hottentotta babies

After having my adult Hottentotta Hottentotta for 17days, finally she popped and gave birth to a bunch of tiny puny
Not as much as i expected but still enough to satisfy me haha
According to the seller the last time she popped is about 6-9months ago and her last brood already reach 5th instar
I tried trigger the birth by misting the enclosure and it really work, in just 2days doing it she popped
Amazingly they only took 4days to molt to 2nd instar, i still have to wait till they get down from the mom before calculating them but i have roughly around 10-15 babies
Most of them will be keep by myself or trade to others experienced hobbyist cause i want to ensure they have higher survival rate so we can have more babies in the future and we will not need to import them in anymore in the future
Hope everything will turn out as expected



Found one of them died on the substrate :(

Androctonus Australis died

After 14days of struggling to keep up living, finally Madoka who stucked in her last molt decided to give up living
She passed away peacefully on this rainy morning...
She have been doing well for this few days until last 2days when i noticed she got weaker
I didn't expect she will passed away so fast....
May she rest in peace...

08 July 2009

Good days or bad days?

Yesterday when i woke up i checked on my Liocheles Australasiae (2instar) communal tank and found this
One of the freshly molted was being mass cannibalism by its tankmate
I heard that L.Australasiae are more communal when they are still sling, looks like i was wrong
Feel damm sad because i don't have much babies left with me...
Gotta separate them.....

After this bad incident, i got a huuuuuugeeee surprise!
I uncover my Hottentotta Hottentotta hide and found her with babies on her back!
This really made my days, although the brood are not as much as i expected but i'm glad she doesn't abort her eggs like many others keeper experienced
I counted roughly 15-20babies with some inferterlized eggs where the mom are eating them

I woke up in the morning today and found another bad incident happened, my OBT died!
Killed by a oversized mealworm that i throw inside its container yesterday
I thought that it can overpower and eat it but somehow i was wrong and the predator became the prey
I throw the fucking mealworm in front of my Leiurus Quinquestriatus and watch it being eaten and suffer in agony
Serve it right, should have crush his fucking brain before feeding it
Like yesterday, bad incident usually follow up by a good event, my Grammostola Rosea molted
She is so much bigger now, one of the legs that have been missing due to bad molt regenerated and it looks so funny having a miniature legs :p
I sexed it and turn out to be female, just as i expected, hope she can matured soon

Pictures as usual
Mother hood
Poor OBT :(
Die die u fucking worm!
Molted Rosea
Who say female raise up hand~

06 July 2009

Pets World Day Arachnid Exhibition

There is a small tarantula booth in the Pets World Day on 3-5 of July and i was there to help out too
During the whole 3days i learned alot and see different people, curious, funny, wise, arrogant, ignorant etc
Thanks Andrew and Dennis for correcting my mistake and taught me new stuff bout tarantulas so i didn't give the wrong information to the public
It was a tiring days but its all worth for it, expecting the next exhibition
I met with alot of forumer that i never meet before as well as knowing some new great friend

Also there is a guy that pissed me off so much
He bought a scorpion (H.Spinifer) from my friend's booth and request for it sting to be clipped
Saying that his friend will handle it in very rough method and will be safer if it cannot sting
No matter how i convince him that it should not be handle and his friend is not suitable for scorpion but he just won't listen and have it clipped at last
Seriously his friend should just get a hamster instead of a scorpion
I hope his girl will ask for cutting off his balls to prevent her from underage pregnant, just like what he did for the scorpion

Some pictures to share, credit to Dennis, Rideon and Andrew
Some handling picture after the event

If everything goes well we will have another exhibition on 24 and 25July =p

Picture unrelated
My friend's new sg blue sling, thanks Rafiqos for the great discount