13 September 2010


Well, finally a update, been really tired, busy and lazy this few months. Lots of things happened which i couldn't recall all but my collection is growing and some gone too . I'm currently working on a few breeding project right now and designing a new layout for my new website which will probably be done by the end of this year (Hopefully). This new website will include caresheet, gallery, for sale/trade, blog, contact etc page.

My Hottentotta Hottentotta just make it to 2nd generation with both surviving specimen giving birth. At the same time I'm waiting for my Centruroides margaritatus, Centruroides balsasensis, Centruroides vittatus, Hadogenes pauciden, Lychas scutilus, Lychas mucronatus and Rhophalurus junceus to pop. Once they pop and i have a stable stock of their offspring, all of this species will be up for sale soon ;)

Oh ya, my junceus from the previous mating pop-ed 5 babies, one was eaten by her and the other 4 are currently in 4i now