29 September 2009


Last week while going for lunch in my working area, i flipped a rock on the ground was surprised to see 2 Cormocephalus sp centipede there
I don't have container and tweezer with me at that time so i just leave them
After having my lunch, i went to nearby store to buy a candy with a nice cylinder container and a tweezer to catch it later
Unfortunately i only manage to find one when i got back and manage to catch it with the help of my friend

When going back home, i went there again to try to search for more but i found a Geophilmorpha instead
At 1st glimpse, i thought it's some kind of worm until i notice the amount of segments and legs it have LOL
This guy is funny. It's slow and will move forward and backward when u tease it
Catching it is easy, i went back home after that

Did some research and found out that the Geophilmorpha eat burrowing earthworms or other smaller arthropod in the substrate
I couldn't think of anything to feed it so i release it back the next day
The Cormocephalus sp i gave it to a friend
Hope he will take good care of it

On the otther hand, yesterday i went out at night with a friend to try searching for pedes at her neighbor house lol
After searching for around 15min, we found a small Rhysida Longipes and manage to catch it
Felt awesome and i don't know that to write now, so let's just skip to pictures

Here's the Cormocephalus sp
My favourite Rhysida Longipes

25 September 2009

New addiction again!

I got a Haplopelma Albostriatum and 3 Lychas Mucronatus from two different trade recently
Love them so much, the pattern and marking from both of them are awesome and stunning!
Aside from that, i found a really nice 2section microwave container in my kitchen and used it for my C.Margaritatus
Love it so much, very organized and stackable, gonna buy in bulk soon =p

I don't know what to write so let's just skip to pictures
Lychas Mucronatus upon arriving
3of them
Their enclosure, communally
One of them
Munching a pinhead

Haplopelma Albostriatum (Rehousing)
New home

Here's the container i talking about
The setup


Aaawwww..... The corpse collection

13 September 2009

Setup of my Emperor and Red Claw

Just figured out that i haven't post any picture of their setup so here goes...
The Emperor home sweet home
Red Claw mansion
Posing beside her hideout

11 September 2009

New Emperor and Red Claw scorpion

What a good day, early in the morning received a call from Rafiqos telling me a local pet shop is selling Pandinus Imperator scorpion
Was damm excited for the whole day because the price is good and reasonable
Evening received his call telling me that his friend bought 3 for us and ask me to go to his friend place with him to collect them
Was surprise to see they sell Pandinus Cavimanus too and his friend bought one so i bought it from him

I went back home and found more happy news
1st is that one of my Hot.Hottentotta baby molted, 5 more to go
2nd, one of my Centruroides Vittatus molted, it was unexpected as they just molted to 3rd instar few weeks ago
3rd, one of my Centruroides Margaritatus molted to 5instar! This is totally unexpected, i thought that it's just refusing food for some odd reason

This is indeed a good day for me and i'm happy
Picture or it never happen...
The Pandinus Imperator, muching on a cricket
Pandinus Cavimanus
Molted C.Vittatus... Keep moving around dammit
Clearer shot
Bonus, AFS burrow
My funny Curly Hair tarantula
My Scolopendra Subspinipes munching on cricket
Spiracle shot
Lastly, my hamster sleeping in her food dish.....

01 September 2009

New addiction! Centruroides Vittatus!

Received 5 of my Centruroides Vittatus from Rafiqos yesterday
They are all in a big communal setup with a lot of small bark chips and a bigger piece of bark at a corner, misted one one side leaving the other side dry
Really nice to see them all running together, they are everywhere!
According to him they do very well in such setup and all of them molted perfectly

He also bought along a multi section container box which have label from monday-sunday for the 5 vittatus that i picked out
So they are all named based on the day they are placed in the container

Upon reaching home on the next day, i rehoused them all in a bigger container as advised by rafiqos
Found a half eaten vittatus on saturday's container O_O
Guess its either cannibalis or killed by ants while they are still with my friend
To play safe, i housed them all individually, as advised by rafiqos too

Here's some punies pictures to share
PS: I screw up when labelling their name on the container, all name are 1day late from the label

All of them

Half eaten baby :(

Saturday after rehoused

Orait ciaoz~