22 February 2010

Centruroides Margaritatus Breeding report

Temperature: Approx 29-31ÂșC
Relative Humidity: Approx 70-80%
Duration: Approx 8-10minutes

It's only third day since my female C.Margaritatus molted to adulthood and i got her mated today cause i'm getting impatient

I begin by putting the female into a large container full of coco fiber with 2 piece of flat surface and let her run around in the container and drop her pheromone

After around 5minutes, i put the male inside and he begin to juddering like mad instantly
I don't even need to guide him to the female, he just walk to her while juddering and straight away grab her by her tail and gave her a stung her to calm her down

The male then started to hold her hand and the dance begin
He cant seems to find the flat surface as the container they are in was too big (I did this so that the male have more space to escape after the mating) so i took the flat bark and put it behind them
Soon enough, they are both dancing about on the bark and started kissing

The male's front legs are vibrating as well and i observed a strange behavior which i have never read nor heard bout it before
The male pull the female up and stick his front legs below the female pectines and start stimulating her pectines
I'm not sure why it happened but it last bout 10sec before he put her down, dance again and repeat it for around 10timesAfter awhile finally he laid down a spermatorphore and dragged the female on it
As soon as the female took it, they started to sting each others and i stop them with tweezer and remove both of them

Now i just need to wait and observed to see if the mating was successful or not

So, here's some pictures
Male approaching female

The male raising up the female

From this picture u can see the male front legs below the female pectines

Sperm :P

21 February 2010

Finally an update!

Sorry guys, i have been real busy, tired and lazy lately
A lot of time when i wanted to update my blog my internet line was slow like a slowpoke and i cant upload any photo and decided to try again another day and that alone delayed until now...
Ok so what happened during the period where i didn't update my blog was:

1. I got a new DSLR camera! D3000 with a +10 Macro lens
- Bro bought it and asked me to share, well i don't have a choice but this is definitely be great. Check out my new flickr album

2. All of my Centruroides Balsasensis molted to 3instar!
- Only 6left due to cannibalism and dehydration, i separated them and they all molted in a few days =D

3. Bought some new scorpion and a Tarantula
- A gravid Leiurus Quinquestriatus (With some heavy mycosis infection)
- A pair of adult Lychas Mucronatus (Sadly the male died yesterday, but the female looks gravid)
- A pair of Babycurus Jacksoni (Both died after a while zzzz)
- A Tityus Stigmurus (Death on arrival)
- A Psalmopoeus Irminia
- Ok, in the end i only got 2 new scorpion up till now... Fuck my life....

4. Sold my Mesobuthus Martensii to make space for my growing collection
- They all went to a good home :)

5. More molt
- Hottentotta Hottentotta (6instar), Centruroides Margaritatus (8instar) x2, Pterinochilus Murinus, Lasiodora Parahybana, Holothele Incei, Cyclosternum Fasciatum, Cyriopagopus Schiodtei and Psalmopoeus Irminia

6. Bred my Centruroides Margaritatus
- Been waiting for this for a long time! Full breeding report will be posted in the next update

7. Started to keep mantis!
- Found a small mantis in my friend's carnivorous plant and decided to keep it

Well i think that's all i can think of now...
Here's some pictures
1.0 Centuroides Margaritatus 8instar
Hottentotta Hottentotta
One of the Centruroides Balsasensis baby
Gravid Leiurus Quinquestriatus
New Psalmopoeus Irminia
Dead on arrival Tityus Stigmurus (Don't ask me, i have no idea what make it like that...)
New mantis
Can u spot it on the right side of the container?