26 October 2009

Centruroides Balsasensis Enclosure

A male
A female, suspected to be gravid
Sulking cause was chased away by a female
This guy got the female, mating with her outside her hide


Top view
Front view
They love having orgy party on this log

25 October 2009

Parcel arrived

After waiting for 10days, my parcel finally arrived today
It contain total of 11scorpion
4.4.0 Centruroides Balsasensis,
1.1.0 Centruroides Sculpturatus Gertschi
and 0.1.0 Hottentotta Hottentotta

Overall, i'm very satisfy with the deal, very neat packaging and polite seller
Too bad the Hottentotta Hottentotta couldn't make it through the journey
She died in the container
She is very gravid thou, i can even see the embryo inside her

Those C.Balsasensis are smaller than i imagined, but they are all very active and doing great in a communal tank

Pictures, as usual
Upon receiving the box
Open up...
Beneath those peanut
Inside it, 11 tube of scorpions

Unpack my 1st female C.Balsasensis, looks gravid hmm
A male C.Balsasensis, the telson was clipped, but the others are fine =(
RIP Hottentotta Hottentotta

Female C.Sculpturatus Gertschi

Male with the trademark long metasoma
Group photo lolz.....
My C.Balsasensis in their communal setup

C.Scultp Gertschi will go to sam on Monday =)

17 October 2009

Molting season!

Alot of molt....
Centruroides Margaritatus 6instar
Centruroides Vittatus
Hottentotta Hottentotta 4instar
Heterometrus Longimanus
Grammostola Rosea
Haplopelma Albostriatum

Brachypelma Smithi 5inch+

Not a molt but a nice Scorpion
Orthochirus Innesi

He is up for sale/trade, interested send me a email at shintaro_kagi@yahoo.com
Prefer trading for a adult breeding pair

Pandinus Imperator breeding report 2

12 October 2009
Today i mated both of my P.Imperator again, being convinced that the mating was unsuccessful previously by a friend

This time the female doesn't show much aggression as last time
The male was pushing for a mating dance while the female just keep moving backward but at last was forced into position by the male

Immediately both exchange sting, i used a tweezer to prevent the female from stinging the male until the male finish stinging her
Both was dancing around and the male drop spermatophore not long after that

This time the female stayed on it longer than last time, aprrox 1minutes but i still didn't see her bending down in curve taking in the spermatophore as told by my friend
At least she stay on it longer this time, i will not proceed to mate them again and see how it goes 1st
The break off was a fierce battle between them both and my tweezer Luckily both separated unharmed (Well maybe my tweezer was hurt lolz)

It start with a fight
Then with some kisses
Ejaculate and end with fight again
Residents (Heterometrus Spinifer)

05 October 2009

More tarantulas!

Cyriopagopus Schiodtei
Holothele Incei
Cyclosternum Fasciatum
Enjoying their new home

Got them yesterday, i must say, they are all stunning!

Pandinus Imperator breeding report

4 October 2009
Promenade à deux
"Oh I love u, now let me sting u, bitch"
Chelicarae Kissing
He came

I mated them few days ago when i first got the male but it fail
Both are juddering but male doesnt seems to be interested while the female tried to attack the male several times
After 15minutes i gave up and assume that the female already gravid

I separated them and feed each of them a cricket and heavily misted their enclosure
Few days later (Today) i tried again and this time with better luck

At 1st the female acted aggressively and try to sting him, i stop it with my tweezer
Then the male gave her a sting to calm her down and they start dancing around, passionately
Female keep her chela close to her carapace as in defense mode while the male pulling her around nervously

Within 2 minutes, the male settle down on a spot on the bark in the enclosure and stop there for quite awhile
I look from the side and i can see spermatophore coming out from his opperculum
Upon laying the spermatophore, he dragged the female on it but the female kinda refuse to go near the spermatophore

After trying for awhile the male manage to pull her above the spermatophore
Again i tried to peek from the side to see if it touched her opperculum but before i can see anything they started break off and attempting to sting and pinch each others to death
Immediately i stop them with tweezer and fight off the female and end the mating process

I'm not sure if any insemination was made but the female doesnt stay on top of it for too long nor bending down her body as written in the internet
I assume that she might really already gravid but was calmed by the male sting and was "forced" into the mating
I read that the spermatophore will plug the opening of her opperculum to prevent other male from inseminate her if she already mated
Perhaps she realize that she cant take the spermatophore at the end and tried to break off and kill the male

Whatever it is i'm looking forward to see the outcome