13 December 2009

Centruroides Balsasensis Breeding Report

I purchased 4.4.0 C.Balsasensis on 25 OCTOBER 2009 for a mass breeding project. I was told 2 of them are already gravid but i'm not sure which one as they all looks the same size. I noticed the 1st mating on the 1st night i got them, 2 males are fighting over a female on a log i put in the enclosure

I left them over night and found a spermatophore at the next morning and i have never witness any mating nor found any spermatophore since then

Several weeks later i noticed one of the female is bloated up and faint reddish embryo are visible on the side of her pleural membrane and separated her in another container

Around 3weeks later, 7 DECEMBER 2009, i woke up in the morning and found 2 babies trying to climb on her back
She was all covered with babies within 2hours and was munching down underdeveloped eggs after i finish my breakfast. Rough estimation around 15 healthy babies was born

The other 3 female have visible faint reddish embryo visible too and i separated all of them from the communal tank and expecting more brood from them very soon

Here's some pictures to share
Spermatophore found on the next day i got them

Babies marching to mom's back
After an hour

Process done, munching time

Temperature: Approx 27-31ÂșC
Humidity: Approx 60-70%

Not much different, i mist the enclosure a lil bit hoping they will turn to 2instar sooner

10 DECEMBER 2009

11 DECEMBER 2009

Found one scorpling walking on the substrate I picked it up and noticed the tail was flat and cant cling well on my palm but i put it back on the mom's back anyway

Their color are turning darker
12 DECEMBER 2009

Some are molting when i checked on them It took approx 5hours for all of them to molt to 2instar. It's amazing to see them hanging and molting upside down. At 1st i thought they ll fall on the substrate to complete the molt but their climb back on the mom's back to pull out the metasoma part instead

Found one dead on substrate tho...
I then separated the other 3gravid female from my communal setup in containers below
One of the setup
13 DECEMBER 2009

7th day, all molted to pretty 2instar
They looks way bigger after the molt and their tails are really long
Here's a picture for u guys to figure out their size

07 December 2009

Exhibition @Jaya One, Palm Square 2

Yesterday was the launching of pets ownership in Jaya One, Palm Square and we was invited to exhibit our inverts and give a talk bout care and tips for invert pets
Overall it's a nice event with lots of crowd and booth, but not much of them are interested with inverts
It's sad when no one is listening while our representative are giving the talk but i salute his courage to continue talking till the end

Met up with a lot new people, cats, dogs, turtles and other inverts lol

Aside from that, I got the chance to learn how to use a 3ccd cam corder and it's really awesome!
Took some pictures and video on the event, will edit the video in future and upload it
Not much report today as nothing special really happen (Funny no joker approach us in this exhibition haha)

Overall view of all the booth in the event
Scorpion display tank
Nhandu Chromatus
Grammostola Poteri
Opistophthalmus Boehmi
Leiurus Quinquestriatus
Androctonus Bicolor
Hadogenes Pauciden
Heterometrus Spinifer in food heaven
Some live porn to spice up the event
Dog obedient training team demonstration
Sifu Dennis in action
He want the ice cream
Eric from Sugar Glider booth giving talk
Tangerine Enigma (If not mistaken)
Lol.... I was in love with this guy

Orgy Party, turtle style
The infamous Lychas Scutilus baby, i was lucky to have it
Centruroides Margaritatus 7instar, size compare to my thumb
Side by side with a 6instar
A rough sketch of our future logo by Rideon
Turning it in Adobe Illustrator, not final design tho