26 August 2009

H1N1 Symptom

Yesterday while taking rail transit, i felt kinda cold inside the train
While going for lunch later, i felt pain in my throat and not long after that i got flu
Felt dizzy on the way back to home and when i tried to sleep at midnight, i can feel my body heat getting hotter, fever approaching
Wear jacket, put on blanket and turn off the fan to let all the heat come out from my sweat
7am went for medical check up, on the way i feel like vomitting and slight chest pain
I throw up when doctor inserted the thermometer under my tongue
Result is i got light fever, 99 fahrenheit, not sure if it's H1N1 or not but i think i got it
Went back home, straight away sleep, when woke up i felt much better, no more fever
Eat a bread and all the medicine, felt tired and sleep again
Woke up again at around 9pm and felt even better, but coughing a lil bit

Let's see howw it turns out in the future
Well, i don't wanna die as virgin :(
I still want to read the ending of naruto, bleach and one piece and enjoy the exotic hobby to the fullest =(

Pictures, because a post without picture is uninteresting
Picture somewhat related
Video of my O.Innesi feeding on a mealworm

24 August 2009

Weekly Update

This week:
- A V.Spinigerus that im taking care behalf of a friend died
- My other Centruroides Margaritatus molted to 4th instar
- Bought new mealworms and crickets batch
- Bought a new container with 6 separated section

Well just came back from work yesterday and found my friend V.Spinigerus died
I'm not sure why, it's not eating but was very active all this while but just died mysetriously yesterday
The whole body is stiff, unlike most of my dead scorpion, possibly dehydration?
The last time it was fed is on around 30July which is 22days without eating anything
It really bother me because this is not my scorpion, i understand the feeling of losing a scorpion hence i'm worry to tell this to the owner but luckily he didn't blame me on this (Thx rideon)

This got me worry a lot because a lot of my scorpion have been dying on me, i'm starting to doubt if i really still have the time to take care of them like i used to be before i start working
I did paid more attention to my inverts after having so many death recently but looks like i need to be more alert next time...
If there is any scorpion dying on me due to my negligence, i might as well stop purchasing more scorpion and send some of them to someone who can take good care of them
Hopefully i don't need to do that....

Well, aside from that my C.Margaritatus molted which is a good sign
Even though they are fast grower from what i read, but mine are definitely not :(
Should feed them more often =p

Sorry bro....

4th instar Centruroides Margaritatus
New container, still not sure which sp to put in there

18 August 2009

This week update

So it's my off day again
What happened during this week was:
- 2 more H.Hottentotta sling dead
- Bought some crickets and feed every invert
- Start breeding crickets
- Bought new bedding and food for my hamster
- Adult H.Hottentotta died

Well the adult H.Hottentotta death is predicted as she have been acting very sluggish after giving birth
She catched prey, sting them and munching them in her chelicarae but it always end up she drop them on floor uneaten at the end
Perhaps she is too old already, but thanks a lot, i got a brood from her

Nothing much this week so pictures time
My hamster enclosure
On nom nom nom
Greedy biotch
Innocent face wont help, u need to be punish!

08 August 2009


On 3 August morning i received a sms from Dennis telling me that his female Regalis have eaten Sam during mating attempt

I loaned Sam to Dennis for a breeding loan with his two female earlier

He spend one night with each female and at the morning spending a night with the 2nd female he got eaten
Whether is there any insection or not remain mystery, we will have to wait for the time to tell

Im happy if its a success mating, he will make me proud if he came in 2 female before he passed away =p

Anyway i guess its his fate, he is dying from old age so its better if he die under the fang of female while attempting to breed him then dying alone at the corner of his old enclosure

I hope if i can get babies from him i will setup a communal setup for 5 of them, hopefully things turn out well

RIP, Sam, hope u meet my dad up there and say hi for me

A day without work

Finally there is a off day for me after being busy with work recently

One day off everyweek is just not sufficient for someone who have 60+ inverts to take care
Spend whole day maintaining my inverts
My room have become like a microwave recently, the weather is hot here, i'm worried bout my bark scorpion especially my R.Junceus because a friend of mine lost a lot of his barkie recently

I'm relieve that none of mine met the grimreaper yet, and to my surprise one of my C.Margaritatus molted!
Everyone's else have molted except for mine, so happy to see it molt, but the other one is still yet to molt
My Curly Hair tarantula that i got from Dennis have outgrow its enclosure and in pre molt so i rehouse it to a bigger container, hopefully it will be comfortable there and molt in no time

My centipede (Scolopendra Subspinepis) is thirsty, luckily this guy is very hardy, i'm glad that it make it through the dry days (My bad)

Bad news is that i found 2 dead Hottentotta Hottentotta baby. I found that the mom love to stay one the damp area so i thought i should keep the babies a lil damper but looks like i overdid it...
I guess they died cause of the damp environment
Feed it to my O.Innesi

Pictures speak louder than words
My curly hair, u can see aside from the side, mold is another reason i rehouse this guy
After transporting it into another temporary container and ready its new enclosure i gently push it onto a bark and transfer it to the new container and push it in it and done rehousing
My fresh from oven Centruroides Margaritatus, 4th instar
This one is yet to molt
Fat Liocheles Australasiae, wonder when will she pop
Thirsty Pede, sorry Saint =(
7th instar, matured R.Junceus female
Orthochirus Innesi eating Hottentotta Hottentotta
Jungle Nymph eggs =p

Ciaoz =)