26 June 2009

Androctonus Australis molting problem

Well, i came back from my friend's house just now and found that my Androctonus Australis is molting
I was excited and keep on watching it but i'm getting worry as it show no improvement for around 3hours
I'm worrying if it might get stuck and if i leave it till morning i will wake up with a dead scorpion stuck in its old exo so i decided to help it...
I don't know if i'm doing the right thing but i can't just leave it like that

There are 2 part which are stuck badly in the old exo which is the left chela and 4th and 5th metasoma
For the chela i tried cracking the old exoskeleton with tweezer but not successful because i cant find any gap to stuck in the tweezer to crack it
I then apply a drop of water on it and wait for awhile before attempting to pull it out with my hand (The telson are still stuck inside so it can't sting me)
It came out easily with that mehod

Next is the metasoma, the same thing happen where i cant find a gap to slide in my tweezer
I notice a small gap behind the metasoma so i flip it over and tried to slide in a needle carefully and crack it from the inside and then pull it out with a tweezer
Things goes well and it is now free from the exoskeleton but im still worrying as i need to wait a few days before i can really confirm it will be alright
Now its staying at a corner with legs that looks badly twisted, probably going to lose few of it
I hope it will be ok

1.10am, i decided to help it.
Left chela and metasoma stucked in this picture
Chela out
Metasoma out

Madoka, im so sorry to have u to undergo such a stressful procedure T_____T
I hope u ll be fine

23 June 2009

Packing Scorpion (Straw Method)

This is a method of packing scorpion using straw that i learnt from ROBC's youtube channel
I decided to use it for the 2nd time to post the 2instar Centruroides Margaritatus for a friend since they are very small and this method are most suitable for them

1. Tissue
2. Sprayer
3. Scissor
4. Straw
5. Scorpion
(Opss, sprayer missing in the picture)

First, cut the straw into small piece and stuck in a damp tissue like this
Then place it in front of the scorpion and gently push them inside
Give it a blow into the straw to ensure the scorpion stay at the bottom
Stuck in another damp tissue on the other side and done
Next, get a vial, put some tissue at the bottom and side
Put in all straw, close it, make ventilation holes on cover
Put it in a box with absorbent
Seal the box and put in a larger box with newspaper for padding
Close it, seal the box, wrap it, write address and done =pAdd Image
The original tutorial for this technique can be found on this link
Hopefully all of them arrive without a single DOA

1 DOA T_____________T

Pictures unrelated
Orthochirus Innesi, Egypt Pillar-Tailed Scorpion

Hottentotta Hottentotta, Congo Red Alligator Back Scorpion
Hottentotta Polystictus, Common Name ?????

22 June 2009

New Sugar Glider Cage!

Finally i got a suitable cage for my Sugar Glider (Jelly) after around 2weeks having her in a small temporary bird cage :(
Jelly was rescued by a kind soul name Reanne from a breeder who gave her up because she can't produce healthy offspring
She was caged in a small and terrible environment cage with even mold growing in the enclosure!
When Reanne adopted her from the breeder she is even having 2 babies in the pouch, only one of them make it through though...
For some personal matter, Reanne can no longer take care of Jelly and was in a hurry to adopt her out before her dad throw her away from home so i adopted her before preparing the cage and basic stuff (I apologize to all SG lover)

Anyway, all was history now and she is with me, i will try my very best to take care of her
Currently trying to bond with her but the last time when i tried body bonding with her she won't stay on me and jumping off instead
Perhaps she need more times, i will try my best

The cage
The 1st thing she do is poo and pee-ing around the cage
Hammock! She love jumping on it
U can see her butt, trying to squeeze in the sleeping pouch :D

Bonus! (Click Picture For Larger View!)
C.Marg A eating baby mealworm
C.Marg B demonstrating handstanding sting!
After settling down

20 June 2009


Woke up in the morning today and have a shock to see my parcel arrived and is placed beside my bed by my sis
I straight away jump up from my bed and unwrap it in rush, damm excited
because i really din expect i ll receive it today
The box was badly dented and i'm expecting some death on arrival but to my surprise every piece of the scorpion is alive and kicking!
The only bad news is i only received 9 free Centruroides Margariatus which its suppose to be 20, but nevermind cause i the seller are generous enough to sent me an extra Hottentotta Polystictus :p
So here are some pictures to share

Upon opening it...

2nd and 3rd instar Centruroides Margaritatus

Hottentotta Hottentotta Gravid Adult, she have a missing leg :(

She is hungry

Orthochirus Innesi, small puny

Centruroides Hentzi

Male Hentzi

Hottentotta Polystictus

Fat female Polystictus

Tityus Serrulatus
Centruroides Margaritatus Bicolor morph, its a pain in the ass separating them...
I have not prepare their individual container cause of the stupid tracking system, didn't expect them to arrive so early
One of the exoskeleton left in the packet of C.Margaritatus

Aside from the good news there is a bad news too, my sis's hamster have pass away this morning
May she rest in peace

Leiurus Quinquestriatus Stinging

15 June 2009

Disaster in mealworm container

Few days ago i dumped some leftover papaya+watermelon from my glider into my mealworm container cause don't want to waste them
Checked the container yesterday and found out its awfully smelly and the humidity released by those fruit make the mealworm's poo clumped together
Some died from it, others plumped up and rolling around lol....
Awful smell+sight, i end up spending more than 1hours to clean these shit by removing them 1by1 into a new container
I have more than 500 mealworm i think...
Awful sight should be share among reader, though u all can't smell it
Removing to new container
Finally, the fucking last worm
Clean and gutloaded hockey cocky lol
Nothing is more relaxing after a hard work than enjoying my favourite squid
Lesson learned, its better to dump or finish up the leftover fruit next time =p

Pictures unrelated
Pictures of my P.Murinus devouring a mealworm