09 November 2009

Animal Wonder Exhibition@ Seremban2

There was a small exhibition yesterday in Seremban2 and we was invited to exhibit our arachnid by Darren
The journey to the venue is really long and bored, it tooks me around 2hours to reach the destination using public commuter
I brought a Leiurus Quinquestriatus, a Pandinus Carvimanus (for sale) and my colony of 7Centruroides Balsasensis to be display there

Upon arriving, the 1st thing in my mind was this place is HOT!
The exhibition was held in a open area with a small event tent for our booth
The crowd was good, a lot of people was there but not much stop by and ask questions
Most of them just come and have a few peek and went away
Some even pulling their childrens to prevent them from getting near to us
Like usual, a freak show instead of a education exhibition

One thing that always happen when u are doing an exhibition is that u always met up with funny people
People who think they know those inverts we displayed better than us
No, i'm not saying that we are the only one that understand them but they are really arrogant and have no idea of what they are talking about
A old man in his 80s wearing a pair of big old fashion glasses with a tough guy in his 30s wearing a green color shirt came to us and claim that they are the scorpion and centipede king and start bragging how great they are in the past and saying the way we keep our inverts are all wrong
The old man aka the centipede king even claim that kissing a king cobra trick is outdated and he swallow the whole king cobra like how they swallow a sword
Perhaps the king cobra he meant was the one hiding in the so call scorpion king's pants

Happy Shao and Rideon pedophiling young childrens
One of them, looking at a bunch of centipedes in the bottle
Cyclosternum sp
Uroctonus Mordax, dedicated to Mike
A death male Malaysian Earth Tiger :(
Scorpio Maurus
Some big ass turtle
Baby Sulcata
Pig Tail monkey
Racoon, this guy like to bites lolz
Photographer rideon in action!
Stage performance by Francis and the gang
Behind the scene

Petting zone